The Honey Harvesting Equipment That All Beekeepers Should Not Lack

Honey harvesting business will fail mainly due to lack of the right instruments for the business. You will need equipment like the beekeeper suit, smoker, honey extractor and others that are touched later on in this article. I will in this article help in explaining what you should have when running the honey harvesting business.

Make sure to have the honey removing equipment used to obtain honey from the combs but while leaving the combs capable of producing honey in the future. Honey extractors use the centrifugal force technique to remove the honey from their combs without tampering with their physical state and leave them in a perfect state for next production.

The beekeeping suit plays an essential role in protecting your body from the bee stinger as it contains the hat, veil and the body cover. A nice beekeeping suit will offer excellent protection from the stingers and protect you from the venom of the bees.You will as well need to have a bee smoker which is an instrument for calming the bees while harvesting the honey as it dulls the receptors and stops the guard bees from releasing an alarm pheromones. Since there will be less bees around when harvesting while using the smoker, the process is made very easy and the smokes makes them eat much honey that soothes them further.

After harvesting the honey, you will need to have a honey filter for removing the unwanted materials from the honey as it traps the wood particles, bee parts and wax entering the jars.A bee brush is another essential equipment for a beekeeper as it helps in removing the bees safely from the beehive as it is specially designed. During honey harvesting, the bee brush is essential as it will help in sweeping each frame gently before putting it to extraction. Do check this starting kit for beekeeping.

The uncapping knife is another equipment you need which is very helpful for making clean and quick cuts on the wax cappings which makes it very had to extract the honey. You can easily remove the honey from the combs by using an electric uncapping knife.Another honey harvesting equipment that you cannot miss is the honey uncapping fork which is used for scratching the cappings that the uncapping knife missed. Go to EbeeHQ for useful info.

The uncapping tack benefits you very well as you can always use it when uncapping the frames easily on the tank and later collect the honey then on that went through the honey gates.The honey harvesting will also need the collecting equipment which may be a jar or a bottle, and it should be closed with an airtight lid. Here are some expert beekeeping tips: